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Root Canal

No one sits around and says, “Hey, let’s go get a root canal.” The good news is root canal therapy no longer is the dreaded procedure of years past. It’s not much different than the experience of getting a filling, but it saves your natural tooth. Our team of dentists and clinicians at Freeport Dental will put you at ease with a full explanation of the procedure and listen to your concerns.

During your visit, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, take x-rays and evaluate the condition of the tooth, its pulp and root, and determine if there’s any bone loss due to infection. A full discussion of the diagnosis and the options available based on your condition will give you a better picture of the steps needed to preserve the tooth and protect it with an all ceramic crown.


In most cases, the entire procedure including crown is usually completed in as little as two visits.


There is another option… depending on your overall dental health and the extent of decay, a recommendation may be to consider an extraction, replacing the tooth with a dental implant. Again, our Freeport Dental team will fully explain the pros and cons of root canal vs. implant and what to expect as it relates to your specific dental condition.


Whether the diagnosis calls for root canal therapy or an implant, rest assured that our dental team’s professional priority is to do it right and help you be as comfortable as possible. We look forward to your visit!

With proper care, most teeth after a root canal treatment can last as long as natural teeth.


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